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Master Thesis in Computer Science: Speech recognition for Farm Radios

  Last month I started working on my master thesis in the context of Manas Research. The idea for this research is to contribute with Farm Radio International (an organization that works with many partners in Africa to deliver effective programs to serve smallholder farmers through radio) by helping them with the problem of indexing … more

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Thesis in Computer Science

After a long time, I have finally finished my thesis to get the MSc in Computer Science degree, from FCEN UBA. It has been almost a year since I started working in the thesis in the context of Manas Research, and before that I had been working on it for over another year within the … more

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Modelling graph coloring with integer linear programming

In previous posts I have presented separately the graph coloring problem, as well as its generalization, the partitioned graph coloring problem, and linear programming. It is time to put both of them toghether, by modelling an instance of graph coloring using linear programming. What we need to model First we have to determine what we … more

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Making a thesis 2.0

Continuing with the tradition started by Beta two years ago here in Manas, I am now dedicating all my efforts to finish my thesis in order to obtain my MSc degree in Computer Science at FCEN-UBA. Having started it a few months ago, Manas generously started sponsoring my work in May, so I can deal … more

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