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    • Introducing: hg-to-git

      Hi there! Today I’ve managed to migrate one of our Mercurial repositories to git. The migration process was smoothly done by fast-export, but it left the new repository in a kind-of-messy status – a really dirty working copy, and closed branches were just the same … more


    • Tesis en Ciencias de la Computación: Reconocedor de Dígitos (spike)

      This post is in Spanish as it refers to a tutorial on speech recognition written in Spanish in the context of a master thesis in Computer Science at FCEN-UBA. Nevertheless, the code and its documentation is in English, so feel free to check it out in this … more

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    • Master Thesis in Computer Science: Speech recognition for Farm Radios

        Last month I started working on my master thesis in the context of Manas Research. The idea for this research is to contribute with Farm Radio International (an organization that works with many partners in Africa to deliver effective programs to serve smallholder farmers … more

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    • Extracting Subject Alternative Name from Microsoft authentication client certificates

      Among the client certificates present in an HSPD-12 smart card, you may find a Windows Smart Card Login certificate used for authentication, which has several particularities, one of them being storing the Subject Alternative Name (this is, the Windows logon and domain of the card’s owner) in … more

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    • Avoiding ActiveRecord instance creation to boost performance

      It is known that instantiating ActiveRecord objects is slow. When querying, most of the time it’s necessary to instantiate them so we can invoke their methods or navigate their relationships. When you need to do a custom select with a group by you generally do: … more


    • Organizing coffeescript code in a Rails 3 app

      Ever since Rails 3.1 adopted coffeescript within the asset pipeline as a default, coffescript has become an increasingly popular language for easily writing your javascript code. Despite a lot of tutorials out there on how to write coffee and take advantage of the Rails asset … more

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    • How to check if object can be destroyed if it has dependent: restrict associations

      Rails provides several handy options for specifying how to deal with associated models upon deletion, for example: class Blog has_many :posts, :dependent => :destroy end The destroy value for the dependent option will call the destroy method for every post in the blog when the … more

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    • Default request parameters in Rails functional tests

      I was looking for an easy way to force every request in a functional test in Rails to use a set of parameters by default, regardless of being specified explicitly. This is, every time I write: it “should get index” do get :index end Rails … more

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    • InSTEDD at Pacific Endeavor 2011

      Pacific Endeavor is a humanitarian communication workshop, organized by the US Pacific Command, which brings together military representatives from all SE Asia, NGOs and industry leaders. Its main goal is to improve the multi-national communications in HA/DR situations, based on the premise that communication is … more

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    • Using xmpp for mocking SMS channel in Nuntium

      For those of you not familiar with it, Nuntium is an open-source tool we developed together with InSTEDD for easily building applications that rely on SMS for communication. Even though several other kinds of channels are supported, such as email or twitter, text messaging has … more

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