Adding double click support in Silverlight

Silverlight Beta 2 doesn’t support double click, but since I needed it, I implemented it. I’ve created a class named Mouse. You create a Mouse instance that wraps an UIElement. The instance attaches itself to the MouseLeftDownButton and, using a timer, it allows you to recieve events when double click is performed.

Actually, you can detect as many clicks as you wish: the event arguments include the number of clicks performed by the user.

But I don’t want to attach to mouse events in code. I want to do it in XAML, like with MouseLeftButtonDown or Click. But, unfortunately, you can’t use attached properties whose type is an event handler. If you do that, you get an ugly exception.

“What a pity”, I thought, “now I need to remove some of my MouseLeftButtonDown events and replace them by code that creates Mouse instances and then attaching to Mouse events programatically”. But before doing that, I decided to give it another shot. What if I created an attached property whose type is string, and then at runtime I searched the method and invoke it?

The problem with that approach is that the method won’t be declared in the object where you are attaching the event, but probably in some parent control. For example:

    <Rectangle manas:Mouse.Click="SomeMethod" />

SomeMethod is probably declared in our custom UserControl, not in Rectangle. But that poses no problem at all: just go up in the visual hierarchy throught the Parent property until we find a class that declares SomeMethod with the signature of our interest.

But, alas, at the time attached properties are processed by the XAML processor, the object in question is not yet in the visual hierarchy: it doesn’t have a parent. That’s no problem at all: we attach to the Loaded event and do the lookup in that moment, and we are guaranted that we can reach the parent we are interested in.

Once I did that I was really amazed that it worked! :-)

Then, I refactored the code so I could use that trick to support other custom event handlers in XAML as well. Finally, changing the old event handlers to start firing at double clicks instead of single clicks was a matter of seconds.

Here’s the full code in case someone finds it useful.

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6 Responses to Adding double click support in Silverlight

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  3. Javier says:

    I am trying to compile with silverlight 2.0 final, and it throw this exception: The type ‘System.Windows.Input.MouseEventArgs’ has no constructors defined, in class MouseButtonExtendedEventArgs. There is a way to compile in silverlight 2.0?

  4. Ary Borenszweig Ary Borenszweig says:

    Thanks, I corrected the code for Silverlight 2.0. Simply extend MouseButtonExtendedEventArgs from EventArgs.

  5. Great work with the EventSupport in XAML! I’m going to be using this in an upcoming sample I’m releasing for robust drag drop. Its all going to be Open Source under the MIT License. Let me know if you had any concerns about that. Keep up the good work!


  6. Morten says:

    Just an idea… why not create a typeconverter for your handler instead of using a string? That way the handler method will be located when it is set, and you can just grab it as a delegate.

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