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How do I unit-test a class which depends on HttpContext?

Suppose you have to fix a bug in an ASP.NET application. You’re a TDD-guy so once you identify it, you write a test which should reproduce it. Then you run it and… null pointer exception. Your testing framework may have pointed you to the exact line, so you inspect it and see something like: var … more

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Keep an eye open on what LINQ does

Today I was profiling an application. The timings pointed to a piece of code that executed a query using LINQ. I opened an SQL profiler and saw what queries were performed. Here they are: SELECT [t3].[value] AS [Key] FROM ( SELECT ( SELECT [t2].[Role] FROM ( SELECT TOP (1) [t1].[Role] FROM [dbo].[Membership] AS [t1] WHERE … more

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Sharing users among systems

One of the issues that arose during the integration process was how to maintain user identity when integrating between different systems. During the exercise, data was moved around anonymously, without having more than a display name describing an item’s author; but for real world behaviour this is unacceptable. Therefore one of the many points (I … more

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Camp Roberts RELIEF Recap

This past week at Camp Roberts has been incredible. All of the groups present did an amazing work, and we got to test InSTEDD’s GeoChat in a completely different scenario and integrate it with most of the other applications present to come up with a full cross-systems solution for distasters related scenarios. First challenge was … more

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Camp Roberts CBE

This week Star Tides, in partnership with the Naval Postgraduate School, will be organizing a Concept-based Experimentation (CBE) in Camp Roberts (CA). The objective is to to analyze the state of the art of current social and information related applications in the context of humanitarian emergency scenarios. Invited to the event are Development Seed, Sahana, … more

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